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Our Mission:

Relational Excellence, LLC’s mission is to engage interactively and respectfully with every person, family or agency that we come in contact with. We seek to inspire change in everyone that we serve.


From Darkness to Light 



From Darkness to Light is our WOMEN'S ONLY (18 to 65) survivor group. This interactive experience is led by licensed therapists who are trained to work with individuals with traumatic histories.

The group is tailored towards women who have experienced varying levels of

· Victimization

· Loss of a loved one

· Intimate partner violence

· Rape

· Sexual assault

· Relational concerns

It provides an opportunity for women to heal and connect with others that have similar experiences. The group encompasses a comprehensive and integrative approach that utilizes several evidence-based resources such as Seeking Safety, DBT, TAMAR, and Tri-Phasic model interventions which are tailored for group participants. 

Our goal is to help others find ways to transition from shame, isolation, and learned helplessness to an empowered, strength-based, judgment–free, view of self that is full of hope. Join us and see how healing can be empowering and fun.

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(Screening is required before participation)

Please contact us to arrange for screeninat (410) 768-4386/  for more information.


8720 Georgia Ave
Suite 205
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 410-768-4386/202-531-0231
Fax: 888-907-0899