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Our Mission:

Relational Excellence, LLC’s mission is to engage interactively and respectfully with every person, family or agency that we come in contact with. We seek to inspire change in everyone that we serve.

Engaging Men's Program
(Certified Abusers Intervention Program)

The Engaging Men's Program (Certified Abusers Intervention Program [AIP]) is a structured 26-week curriculum lasting approximately 90 minutes each session for individual(s) who have engaged in any type of physical, verbal, or emotional acts of violence or abuse towards an intimate partner.

We offer the opportunity for individuals to rehabilitate themselves and focus on developing skills to help them successfully shift from "power and control" themes to more productively managing their emotions. Our goal is to help individuals effectively cope with their emotions in order for them to appropriately relate and respond to relationship conflicts.

We will examine the dominance and control aspects of domestic violence- especially issues of male entitlement and privilege. It offers abusers intensive training in new skills for self-management, communication, problem solving, and empathy for others. The group leaders will utilize a client-centered focus that emphasizes respect for the men’s experience- both in personal history and in present relationships- as well as empathic understanding of why men choose to behave that they do.

This program has the flexibility to provide  group and individual sessions. Each participant is expected to:

  • Attend each scheduled group/individual weekly sessions
  • Pay the required fee(s)
  • Complete all assignments
  • Follow program guidelines

We provide therapeutic services for individuals who are court-ordered for treatment as well as self-referrals, and referrals from agencies.

For more information, please contact us:
Phone: (410)768-4386/(202) 531-0231

Fees are based on each individual participant’s income. 



        8720 Georgia Ave                                                   1412 Crain Highway North
Suite 205                                                                          Suite 5B
Silver Spring, MD 20910                                                 Glen Burnie, MD 21061  
Phone: 410-768-4386/202-531-0231
Fax: 888-907-0899